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Refael Franko 

EMERGENCY EMERGENCY ENTREPRENEUR AND GENERAL MANAGER (CEO) Refael Franko A pioneer in the field cyber defense in Israel. The developer of the national holy grail of risk management, business continuity and cyber emergencies. He holds over 25 years of experience in operation management, security, cyber and technology. His background includes serving as Deputy Head of

Michal Klein

Media and Company Reputation Michal Klein ¬†is a strategic advisor in the fields of crisis management, media, and public reputation. Klein gained extensive experience in the fields of media and worked as the Editor in Chief of “Walla”, one of the leading news outlets in Israel. In the years to follow, Klein Served as the

David Kantrowitz

IR and Recovery David Kantrowitz David has over 11 years of experience in SCADA Cyber Security and Malware Network Analysis. Today he is leading senior expert in Israel for OT Cyber Security. One of his positions in the ISA, Petrochemical sector was Cyber Security Director in Israeli Security Authority. In the last seven years David

Reut Menashe

leading the IRR teams Reut Menashe Reut Menashe is the CEO of Tetrisponse, an incident response consultancy firm. She has years of experience in the cyber and information security field and has a vast knowledge of a variety of areas. Reut is also one of the organizers of BsidesTLV and Leading Cyber Ladies. She has