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Inside the ‘civilian war room’ where Israeli volunteers hunt for the prisoners of Hamas

Freeing the captives has become a national cause in Israel, but first, they must be found. It’s a significant challenge, and Rafael Franco tried a technological approach. The day after the attack, he reconfigured his Tel Aviv cyber company to search for the disappeared.

Inside the cyber ‘war room’ where Israeli AI experts work to locate Hamas hostages

Refael Franco took us through the process of tracking the hostages. The group collects data on social media usage within Gaza, with graphs showing the number of texts sent and app usage on the tracked phones – even down to the number of times particular emojis were sent.

Israeli ‘Cyber War Room’ Uses Amazon Facial Recognition To Find Missing And Dead After Hamas Attack

Forbes: Over two weeks, the project, led by the former deputy director of the Israeli government’s National Cyber Directorate, Refael Franco, was able to identify some 60 missing people and provide new leads on the whereabouts and status of five others.

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