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The unique method developed by Code Blue for responding to cyber crises enables your organization to overcome such events while significantly reducing the potential damage it can cause. The preparation and support provided by Code Blue before the crisis, help to bett er protect the organization and its senior employees in the short, medium, and long term. Our mode of operation encompasses two points in time: before the crisis (preparedness), and during crisis (crisis management and recovery).


Strategically equipping the organization and executive team with comprehensive measures to navigate a cyber crisis effectively

The preparedness process includes a set of unique procedures developed by Code Blue, a unique organizational assessment, the creation of an annual work plan, training and exercise programs, evaluation of legal/privacy/compliance preparedness, preparing the legal defense for executive in case of cyber crisis, adapting to or creation of comprehensive emergency operational protocols and knowledge of the organizations ’ IT/OT networks. In some cases, intelligence platforms and services are
integrated into the process to provide deeper view of preparedness options.

Cyber Crisis Management

Management Protection
Code Blue War Room Covers all vectors of the organization.

Code Blue has an SLA of up to 4 hours from a crisis call and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Once alerted, we deploy our multi-disciplinary organic team for an online meeting with the client to better understand the situation. Following that meeting, Code Blue stablished a work plan and periodic status meetings with the active teams and the client’s management, using a proven, unique method to shorten the time of crisis and minimize potential risks on all levels. The advantage of working with Code Blue Cyber Crisis Management Team is that every subject required when handling cyber crisis is in-house: strategic, crisis management, RP & reputation, BCP, IRR, IT/OT, communications, client/ investors relations, privacy & regulations, legal, proactive defense, financial recover, intelligence, forensics negotiations, network recovery, social networks


The Code Blue assessment process

Liability of officers

What is the level of preparedness of C-Level? What is their knowledge of cyber risks, understanding of annual plans, and their personal responsibilities towards cyber events in the organization, as well as their legal responsibilities?

Corporate governance

What is the level of preparedness regarding sectorial and peer standards expected on the regulatory level from that specific organization?

Business and financial continuity

What is the level of preparedness to recover from a cyber crisis on both the financial and operational levels?

Corporate reputation

What is the level of preparedness regarding the communication matrix and reputation management plans?

Cyber vigilance

What is the organizational level of preparedness regarding various aspects of readiness: legal, privacy, operational, communications, financial, training of personnel, etc.?

Technological readiness

What is the level of preparedness of the IT/OT infrastructure for the cyber crisis, low-level plans, personnel training, backup and recovery protocols, etc.?


What is the level of preparedness regarding external IRR experts, emergency IRR plans, IRR team, forensics capabilities, recovery capabilities, etc.?

Cyber vigilance - cyber alertness

What is the level of preparedness regarding security platforms and tools, the ability to use them in case of cyber crisis, the ability to collect relevant intel and forensics using these tools, and the effect of the tools used on the organization’s regulatory aspects?

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