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'The war room': Israeli tech workers band together in hostage search

It looks like any other scrappy Tel Aviv tech start-up, with staff in hip clothing huddled around laptops and downing espressos, but they are the volunteers in a “war room” assembled to help Israel bring home the hostages.

Israeli tech workers track hostages in Gaza

Refael Franco was the deputy head of the Israeli National Cyber Directorate, and he’s led civilian efforts to track those held captive by Hamas and other militant groups.

Inside the cyber ‘war room’ where Israeli AI experts work to locate Hamas hostages

Refael Franco took i through the process of tracking the hostages. The group collects data on social media usage within Gaza, with graphs showing the number of texts sent and app usage on the tracked phones – even down to the number of times particular emojis were sent.

Inside the ‘civilian war room’ where Israeli volunteers hunt for the prisoners of Hamas

Freeing the captives has become a national cause in Israel, but first they have to be found. It’s a significant challenge, and Rafael Franco decided to try a technological approach.The day after the attack, he reconfigured his Tel Aviv cyber company to search for the disappeared.

Israeli ‘Cyber War Room’ Uses Amazon Facial Recognition To Find Missing And Dead After Hamas Attack

Forbes: Over the course of two weeks, the project, which was led by former deputy director of the Israeli government’s National Cyber Directorate, Refael Franco, was able to identify some 60 missing people and provide new leads on the whereabouts and status of five others.

Israel’s “Civilian War Room”: Using high technology to track down hostages and spread the truth

VOA Chinese: It was under this circumstance that two Israeli high-tech company executives jointly established the “Civilian War Room” to use high-tech means to search and locate missing and abducted persons, and at the same time spread the truth about the Israel-Hamas war to the world.

EXCLUSIVE. In Israel, our report with cyber spies searching for the missing

Veteran intelligence officers set up a Hamas social media analysis center to try to locate Israeli hostages. These specialists confirm the active role of Iran.

Code Blue launching cyber venture in Germany with Dussmann

The Israeli startup will establish a joint operation in Europe with an investment of tens of millions of dollars

Refael Franco, CEO & Founder, Code blue Ltd.

CW2023_Main Plenary: Refael Franco, CEO & Founder, Code blue Ltd.

The financial effect of a cyber crisis: The neglected costs senior executives should take into account

C-level leaders of organizations and companies need to have timely information and tools…

Bloomberg – Israeli Official Says First Wave of Cyber Hack Was Thwarted

“An extensive cyber attack that hit 120 Israeli organizations in recent days was aimed at collecting information, but…

Russo-Ukrainian War Highlights Cyber Threats to Satellite Communications

Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine demonstrates that hypothetical scenarios of cyberattacks paralyzing satellite communications are already taking place.

How to counter ransomware? Have a plan ready, and work fast

“It is impossible to learn it while in motion, you must be prepared in advance,” says Code Blue founder Refael Franco, explaining how the Coronavirus changed criminal organizations…

Israel adopted cyber war protocol to manage COVID-19 crisis

Deputy Director General of Robustness at the Israel National Cyber Directorate outlines Israel’s cyber response to the coronavirus pandemic…

Virtual Speaking Engagement at Cybertech Global - Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Sector

On July 16th, 2020, a special digital edition of Cybertech Global – Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Sector, will take place…
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